10 Things to Do Before You File for Divorce

Ten things to do before you file for divorce The Georgia divorce attorneys at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott LLC have handled divorces all over the state for more than a decade. We’ve seen just about every scenario you can think of – including a husband who insisted he... Read More

Tips on Getting Divorced from Your Abusive Spouse

Some of the most challenging and sensitive divorces are those involving physical or emotional abuse. At Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, we’ve helped victims of emotional and physical abuse as they’ve gone through divorces involving narcissistic personality disorder. When you... Read More

Divorce and Child Custody: Understanding Child Custody During a Georgia Divorce

When dealing with a Marietta divorce involving a child custody dispute, our clients often ask us: “What do I have to do to get full custody of my son or daughter?” We use these opportunities to educate our clients... Read More

In Love and Business: Divorce and Business Ownership

If you are facing a Georgia divorce and you own a business with your spouse (or if your spouse owns a business), be prepared for some complicated, unique issues. The attorneys at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott have handled many... Read More

How Non-Marital Property Can Transform Into Marital Property for Purposes of Divorce

How is property divided in a divorce in Georgia? In a Georgia divorce, if the parties proceed to trial, a judge must fairly divide the marital property in a process known as equitable division, unless the parties decide to... Read More

How to Prepare for Dividing Debt During Your Divorce

How is debt divided in a Georgia divorce? According to Georgia law, all debts that happened during the marriage will be equitably, or fairly, divided. However, equitably doesn’t always mean equally. DOES TITLE MATTER? The title does not matter.... Read More

What Millennials Need to Know Before They Tie the Knot

Millennials and Marriage Research shows the typical marrying age is about 30 years old. Millennials are just starting to reach their prime working and spending years, and – so far – most members of this generation are not married. However, for Millennials... Read More

Is it OK to Collect Electronic Evidence from Your Spouse?

Is it OK to Collect Electronic Evidence from Your Spouse? We often come across situations where one spouse logs on to the other’s computer or e-mail in order to look for evidence of adultery, financial wrongdoing or other improprieties. But before you snoop, you should know you may face... Read More

Same-Sex Divorce

Same Sex On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that all states must: Recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex Issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples who apply for them Recognizing Gay Marriage in Georgia In... Read More

Top Questions about Alimony in Marietta, Georgia

At Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, we often receive questions about Georgia alimony laws from our clients as they enter into the divorce process. It’s wise to educate yourself about this important topic. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled some... Read More