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Top Questions about Alimony in Marietta, Georgia

At Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, we often receive questions about Georgia alimony laws from our clients as they enter into the divorce process. It’s wise to educate yourself about this important topic. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled some... Read More

Aspects of Effective Divorce Negotiations

Divorce negotiations can be scary and daunting, even if you’re normally confident and fearless. Unlike buying a car or a house, a divorce settlement has more power to impact your life – and some of the decisions are irreversible.... Read More

Social Media & Divorce

As your Marietta divorce experts, our #1 tip for our clients is this: DO NOT discuss your pending divorce on social media. Never. Ever. Leave social media to your craft projects, cat videos, and what you ate for breakfast.... Read More

Common Law Marriage Divorce

A Common Law Marriage is a marriage created without a marriage license. The State of Georgia only recognizes Common Law Marriages if they were set up before January 1, 1997. After this date, Georgia will not recognize a relationship... Read More

How to Select a Family Law Attorney in Georgia

how to choose a family lawyer georgia The Internet is full of lists with questions you should ask when interviewing a family law attorney in Georgia. While this information can be helpful, you need to know much more than the number of years a Georgia family... Read More

Filing Taxes After Divorce

Filing Taxes After Divorce Divorce affects every aspect of your life, including your taxes. We are frequently asked about the timing of divorce as it relates to taxes, and if divorce payments and alimony payments count as deductions. Read on to learn more... Read More

Understanding the Timeline of Divorce

Timeline of divorce To understand how long it takes to get a divorce, first you must understand the framework behind the divorce process. Before Divorce Divorce should always be a last resort. It’s not easy, nor is it a decision to be... Read More

How Expert Witnesses Can Impact Your Divorce Trial in Georgia

Expert witness Marietta family lawyer Not every divorce trial needs expert witnesses. However, when used effectively, they can sway the course of a trial in favor of a husband or wife. Divorces involving complex estates, medical issues, alimony, or hidden money may require the... Read More

Do You Have an “Emergency Room” Case?

Unfortunately, there are some family matters that require an emergency hearing before a judge. Court dockets are overly crowded and on average, it may take 30 days or longer to get a hearing before a judge even though you... Read More

Living a Post-Divorce Life

By Melanie Brubaker Your divorce is final and you are now living a post-divorce life. You will still be dealing with some strong emotions but the legal end of the divorce is complete. Read More