How Non-Marital Property Can Transform Into Marital Property for Purposes of Divorce

How is property divided in a divorce in Georgia? In a Georgia divorce, if the parties proceed to trial, a judge must fairly divide the marital property in a process known as equitable division, unless the parties decide to... Read More

How to Prepare for Dividing Debt During Your Divorce

How is debt divided in a Georgia divorce? According to Georgia law, all debts that happened during the marriage will be equitably, or fairly, divided. However, equitably doesn’t always mean equally. DOES TITLE MATTER? The title does not matter.... Read More

What Millennials Need to Know Before They Tie the Knot

Millennials and Marriage Research shows the typical marrying age is about 30 years old. Millennials are just starting to reach their prime working and spending years, and – so far – most members of this generation are not married. However, for Millennials... Read More

Is it OK to Collect Electronic Evidence from Your Spouse?

Is it OK to Collect Electronic Evidence from Your Spouse? We often come across situations where one spouse logs on to the other’s computer or e-mail in order to look for evidence of adultery, financial wrongdoing or other improprieties. But before you snoop, you should know you may face... Read More

Same-Sex Divorce

Same Sex On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that all states must: Recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex Issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples who apply for them Recognizing Gay Marriage in Georgia In... Read More

Top Questions about Alimony in Marietta, Georgia

At Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, we often receive questions about Georgia alimony laws from our clients as they enter into the divorce process. It’s wise to educate yourself about this important topic. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled some... Read More

Aspects of Effective Divorce Negotiations

Divorce negotiations can be scary and daunting, even if you’re normally confident and fearless. Unlike buying a car or a house, a divorce settlement has more power to impact your life – and some of the decisions are irreversible.... Read More

Social Media & Divorce

As your Marietta divorce experts, our #1 tip for our clients is this: DO NOT discuss your pending divorce on social media. Never. Ever. Leave social media to your craft projects, cat videos, and what you ate for breakfast.... Read More

Common Law Marriage Divorce

A Common Law Marriage is a marriage created without a marriage license. The State of Georgia only recognizes Common Law Marriages if they were set up before January 1, 1997. After this date, Georgia will not recognize a relationship... Read More

How to Select a Family Law Attorney in Georgia

how to choose a family lawyer georgia The Internet is full of lists with questions you should ask when interviewing a family law attorney in Georgia. While this information can be helpful, you need to know much more than the number of years a Georgia family... Read More