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Child Support Payment Methods

What is the best way to pay Child Support?

It is important to use a method that allows you to have a way to show proof of payment. The method should be traceable. This means using a check, money order, direct deposit, income deduction order or even an electronic money transfer app.


It is not recommended to use cash as a form of payment for child support. First, cash is hard to trace. There is not a way for the non-custodial parent to trace a payment made by cash. Also, it is hard to provide evidence that shows proof of payment. If allegations are made that the non-custodial parent has not paid child support it would be hard for the non-custodial parent to gather evidence showing he paid to the Court.

Money Order/Check

Both of these options give the non-custodial parent a traceable way to prove a child support payment was made. First, both will show up in bank records and the money order will have a receipt attached as well. It is important to hold onto those receipts. The non-custodial parent should make note of the dates the child support payments were paid to be able to quickly find the payment in case of an allegation or dispute.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is one way to pay your child support without having to see the other parent. It is easy to set up a recurring payment so, that you do not have to worry about being late or missing a payment. The downside to this payment method is you would need the other parent to provide their bank information. In some circumstances, the other parent may not be willing to give over their bank information and the non-custodial parent will need to use another method of payment. Also, in the case of a dispute bank and employers would have records showing the payments being made. However, it is important to check to make sure the payments are going through in case of a bank error. 

Money Transfer Apps

If either of the parents are uncomfortable giving out their bank information, it may be an option to use a money transfer app like Venmo or Paypal to pay child support. These apps allow individuals to pay people money without giving over their bank information. Since this option is relatively new it is important to speak with your attorney on guidance on whether to use this method of payment. It offers a great way to provide proof of payment as the app will show the payment history of the individual. However, be aware that some of these apps will charge a fee for sending money. 

Income Deduction Order

A deduction order is a court order that allows child support payments to be taken out of the wages of the non-custodial parent. This offers a contactless way to pay the custodial parent. Also, it provides an accessible way to trace payments in case of a child support dispute. See our “Income Deduction Order” Article to learn more.

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