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What is a Child Support Worksheet?

If your case is a divorce with minor children, Modification of Child Support, or Legitimation then it will include a child support worksheet. In divorces, it does not matter if it is contested or uncontested as you will have to fill out a child support worksheet for purposes of determining child support. The Child Support Worksheet will take into account each parent’s income along with other factors when determining the child support for the non-custodial parent. The child support obligation calculated by the worksheet by being deviated upward or downward through the addition of deviations. There are two types of deviations. Those are mandatory and non-mandatory deviations.

First, you need to determine your gross income. See our gross income article to learn more. The next step will be to determine the additional expenses for both parents. The parents will need to determine their expenses for the children’s medical insurance and work-related child care. Lastly, it will need to be determined if any discretionary deviations will need to be added.

How to complete the Child Support Worksheet?

Check out the Georgia Child Support Worksheet website to get a feel of how the worksheet works. You can sign up for an account for free and make up your child support worksheets. The website offers tutorials as well for completing the worksheet. The first step of the worksheet is to enter the names of each party and the county the case resides in. You will also add each child that the worksheet is for and any social security retirement/disability payments and any uninsured health care expenses. The next tab will be where each party will input their monthly gross income. After that tab is the Schedule B tab where adjusted income will go. Then it is Schedule D where you input the mandatory deviations of Health Insurance and Child Care expenses. Lastly, there is Schedule E where you will insert any Discretionary Deviations.

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