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Child Support

Real People: Head Shoulders Hispanic Family Mother Sons DaughteChild support solutions in a divorce or a settlement need to be fair to both parents and children. It is important for parents to have reasonable expectations of what they will receive, or pay, for their children. When disputes arise over child support, we work with our clients to develop child support solutions and to protect our clients’ interests in negotiations and in court.

The Marietta child custody attorneys at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott LLC have years of experience helping to create divorce settlements and child support solutions that make sense for our clients and their children. Child support worksheets can be complicated, and it is important to have an advocate on your side who is adept at handling complex child support cases in Georgia, and one who knows how to best utilize the child support worksheets to your maximum advantage.

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Trust Our Marietta Divorce Lawyers With Complex Support Issues

On January 1, 2007, new statutory child support guidelines went into effect in Georgia, which instituted an income sharing model of child support that makes both parents financially responsible for their child or children. This model takes into account a variety of factors:

Adjustments may be made to the basic child support amount if other expenses are necessary for schooling, medical expenses and other special expenses. Our lawyers will give you a general idea of the amount of child support you could expect to receive or pay in a 30 minute consultation. We can also help negotiate child support agreements and stand up for your rights in family court.

Georgia Child Support Calculator

The Georgia child support calculator can be found here. In order to maximize your goals, you should consult with one of our attorneys to help you navigate the worksheet and utilize the nuances that could be in your favor. The benefit to you will far outweigh the cost.

Child Support and Interest

In Georgia, O.C.G.A. 7-4-12.1 makes it possible for us to request interest on any child support arrearage owed to you. Ask about this when you are seeking child support arrearages. Contact our Georgia Child Support specialists today to find out how to recoup your child support arrearages as well as interest.

Financial Considerations in Georgia Child Support

Georgia’s child support laws can be complicated. Let us help you protect the future of your children and your rights through the legal process. Contact us to schedule a 30-minute consultation at our office in Marietta. Call toll free at 866-527-2630 to make an appointment with our Georgia child support attorneys.

Imputing Income and Calculating Child Support for the Unemployed

Issues often arise regarding the payment or receipt of child support when someone loses their job. For recipients of child support a question we often hear from our clients is that my ex-husband or ex-wife lost his or her job and now they can’t pay their child support obligation. The children and I really need that money, what can be done? When imputing income, the Court considers the reasonableness of the payor’s occupational choices, his or her past employment, current assets, current monthly receipts, and any self-imposed salary restrictions regarding a job search. The Court looks at these considerations when determining whether or not the payor was or is willfully unemployed or underemployed under O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15(f)(4)(D). The Court has the discretion to impute income for purposes of calculating child support. We are skilled and experienced in trying cases where the imputation of income is required for the payor because he or she is unemployed or underemployed.

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