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Georgia Divorce and Fulton County

Georgia divorce cases in Fulton County are handled differently than in other counties. In Fulton County, divorce cases are assigned to a family law division. The judges who serve on the family law division rotate, and there are typically four judges assigned to the Fulton County Superior Court Family Law division.

In Fulton County, every case goes through status conferences that take place about every 30 days. After you file your divorce case, you will be assigned to a 30-day status conference in Fulton County. For the 30-day status conference, you will be required to prepare certain documents and exchange information with the other side. This information may cover financial, employment, address and contact details as well as other basic documents. A specific list of the documents you will need to prepare for your 30-day status conference will be provided to you after you file your case. Rather than meeting with the judge at the 30-day status conference, you will meet with the judicial officer assigned to your case. You should consult with a Fulton County divorce attorney to understand the differences between a judicial officer and a judge, including their respective roles, responsibilities, and authority.

After the 30-day status conference, you will be assigned to a 60-day status conference. The Fulton County Superior Court requires parties to mediate. Mediation in Fulton County divorces is scheduled through the Fulton County Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Fulton County provides you with up to three hours of free mediation if the mediation takes place at the Fulton County ADR Office. Mediation is required before your case can move on to a judge.

After the 60-day status conference in Fulton County, there are 90-day and 120-day status conferences. After mediation, there are opportunities for late case evaluations and mechanisms to resolve any discovery disputes between the parties. For example, if one side is not turning over required information. You should consult with an experienced Fulton County divorce attorney if you think your spouse is hiding important information or not telling the truth about their assets or income. If you are unable to settle your case by the 120-day status conference, then your case will be placed on a final trial calendar with the assigned judge.


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