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The family law attorneys of Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, LLC understand the emotional struggle that comes with family law issues, such as divorce, child custody, and even adoption. Our goal is to provide each client with a clear, balanced perspective in the midst of difficult decisions.

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Client Reviews

Me and my wife recently finalized an adoption with Ms. Prescott. We initially started the process with another lawyer and was getting nowhere. My wife located Ms. Prescott and gave her a call. From the very first meeting we felt very comfortable with her and she was very excited to work our case. There were some snags along the way but not from their doing. There were several waiting periods on certain things but her office stayed on top of them and communicated what was going on when we asked and even when we didn’t. The adoption was very sensitive and Suzanne made sure certain things were not mentioned to our daughter. Really and truly we just kind of sat back and cruised through the whole process. I am now the daddy to two beautiful children and have Suzanne and her great office staff to thank!

Jamie | Atlanta, GA
Attorney offices can be an incredibly intimidating place, with all of those thick law books and serious lawyers in fresh dry cleaned suits. Not with Suzanne. This was the first time that I had to hire an attorney to help me with a prenuptial agreement. From the moment she introduced herself, I felt immediately at ease. Not only did she convey a deep knowledge of the law, but she also became an empathetic advocate. During this process, she was more like a friend, coaching me with talking points and ensuring that I was "OK" with what was going on. Thanks to Suzanne, this "scary" experience morphed to a place where I could smile confidently at the wedding altar.

Anonymous | Atlanta, GA
Suzanne was the lawyer in charge of my custody case. She was very knowledgeable of every aspect of my case. She kept me informed as well as communicated demands to my daughter's father's lawyer to the point that we avoided mediation and saved lots of money by not having to go through the court. We were able to come to an agreement without having to drag it out in court. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case, and my daughter's father is now paying the child support that he had avoided paying for 2 previous years. I highly recommend Suzanne's services for issues with family law...custody, divorce, etc.

Anonymous | Vinings, GA
Suzanne did an excellent job in leading me through my divorce. She is personable and professional.

Anonymous | Atlanta, GA
Ms. Prescott has been a joy to work with. Her expertise and professionalism has made the unpleasant and stressful process of divorce manageable. She is knowledgeable regarding all facets of this process, including custody rights, property allocation and navigating the local judicial system. I highly recommend her.

Anonymous | Atlanta, GA
Suzanne and her staff were very professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive. She dealt with my husband and his lawyer, both very difficult to work with, so I did not have to. Though it was a crazy process, she never lost her cool which helped me immensely. I would highly recommend Suzanne Prescott!

Kris| Via
I interviewed several attorneys looking for the one who had a desire to work toward an amicable finalization, but who wouldn't be afraid to stand up and fight for their client either. Suzanne Prescott not only fit the criteria of what I was looking for, she handled so much of the garbage in a professional and efficient manner as well. She never led me to have higher expectations of what the outcome could be, more so she would reduce my expectations by shooting me straight to what the possibilities were and how we would handle them… What I would like to communicate the most strongly about Suzanne is that she is extremely effective at what she does but without the high cost. She will get in your corner and work professionally, efficiently and effectively for you! Thank you so much for how you handled my case Suzanne!

Brian | Via
Suzanne Prescott is very efficient and does not waste your money or your time. If you are looking for a 'mommy lawyer', she is not the one. But if you are looking for someone to get the job done quickly and efficiently, someone who is no nonsense and gets right to the point, she is the woman for the job! She made our divorce filing painless and quick. She does not delve into your personal business and you know that you and your case are not fodder for gossip. I would highly recommend Suzanne for anyone looking for a professional, fiscally responsible attorney.

Anonymous | Via
After my wife informed of her intentions to end our marriage, I interviewed 4 lawyers and then thru a friend's recomendation I consulted with Ms Prescott. My number 1 priority was obtaining 50/50 legal/physical custody of my 2 small children. I followed her advice and avoided the number 1 pitfall most men make when fighting for custody and stayed in the house until we had successfully reached a settlement. Anyone, especially men who are looking for great representation in a seemingly unfair system court system which favors women and places the burden on men, should seek out Ms Prescott. She navigated me thru the maze and i am happy to say I won 50/50 custody and insured me that I continue to play an equal part in my children's lives. I cannot thank her enough and could not recommend better legal representation.

Chad P. | Family Law Client of Suzanne Prescott
I highly recommend Suzanne. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She kept me informed and got everything handled for me in a timely manner. She made what could have been a difficult process a breeze. She's the best!

Anonymous | Via
Suzanne was very knowledgeable guiding me through the divorce process. She was my attorney for a Collaborative law Divorce which only took 2+ months to Settle, File and have a Divorce Decree. She helped me (a Man) through all aspects of the divorce, which allowed me to obtain split custody of my children (2), child support and settlement that I wanted! I would recommend Suzanne for anyone who is in need of a great divorce attorney.

Anonymous | Via
Suzanne was a great choice. I had consultations with a few different attorneys and found her the most realistic on what was going to happen. As my ex-husband and myself were going back and forth with the division of assets, Suzanne was extremely meticulous and thorough with all of it. She'd find every typo, everything that didn't quite read correctly, she'd correct. We all know that there are stalls in the process. She was very good at following up with the other lawyer, and never let anything fall through the cracks. She pointedly helped move the process along as it should. She was honest with the billing and I feel I was treated very well from her in the process. Thank you Suzanne for making my divorce run as seamlessly as possible.

Anonymous | Via
The first 3 attorneys I interviewed focused on the emotional side of my divorce. Suzanne was straightforward, knowledgeable, and drama free. My retainer was based on my specific case, and I was given a detailed monthly statement to know exactly what I was being charged for. I even ended up getting a little money back! Suzanne was able to get my documents prepared according to the schedule I needed to meet, and she was quick of respond to all correspondence. My divorce was complete in less than 45 days.

Debra | Via
Ms. Prescott made my divorce quick and easy. I felt I could tell her important details without trepidation or judgement. She is very quick to respond and was available to me beyond traditional business hours and across multiple modes of communication. Ms. Prescott's knowledge and expertise gave me confidence during a very difficult time. I feel that she has my (and my child's) best interest at heart and I am very happy and satisfied with the results of my case. She was very clear and communicative throughout the entire process and to top it all off, has a great sense of humor. In the time I have been a client, I have referred several people to her to retain her services.

Anonymous | Via
Damon genuinely cares about his clients, and what I witnessed was his willingness to say when the client is wrong. That takes a lot of integrity in the lawyer and I have a great deal of respect for him in doing so. He is definitely a lawyer I would want on my side, not against me in a tough battle.

K.W. | Marietta, GA
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