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Guardian Ad Litem

Granddaughter and grandfather paintingChild custody disputes are often the most contentious aspect of any divorce. It can be easy to become so focused on doing what is right for your child that the big picture can get lost. That is why it is important to have an impartial party available who can help be an advocate for the best interests of your child. This advocate is known as a guardian ad litem, or GAL. At Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, LLC, our Atlanta guardian ad litem lawyers can serve as a GAL or help guide you through the process when a GAL has been appointed to your case.

If you are involved in a contentious child custody dispute and have had or would like a GAL appointed to your case, we can help. Contact our Georgia family law attorneys online, or call us at 866-527-2630 to schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation.

The Role of a Guardian ad Litem

The role of a GAL is relatively simple and that is to act as an impartial advocate for the child’s best interests. However, this does not mean that a GAL is advocating solely for the child at the expense of the interests of the parents. A GAL will try to walk the line between what will best serve the needs of the child, as well as the needs of the parents. This involves acting as a parent coordinator and conducting custody evaluations in an effort to determine what the best fit will be in terms of child custody.

Experienced Help With Contested Custody Cases

At Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience helping guide parents through highly contested custody cases that may involve a GAL. Our Atlanta divorce lawyers handle all custody matters, including those involving:

Call for a Consultation With a Marietta Custody Evaluation Lawyer

As a parent, you just want to do what is best for your child. However, emotions can sometimes cloud the vision as to how custody determinations should be made. We can help guide you through contested custody disputes involving a GAL. Contact our Atlanta guardian ad litem attorneys online, or call us toll free at 866-527-2630 to schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation.

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