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Georgia Divorce and Cobb County

When researching your Georgia family law needs, remember that each county is different in how it handles the procedures for divorce, child support, child custody, and other family law issues.

In Cobb County, the Superior Court handles all divorces when the defendant lives in Cobb County. There are ten Cobb County Superior Court Judges, but there is no family law division or specific judge set aside to handle divorces in Cobb County. All divorces are assigned to the Superior Court—and one of the ten judges at random.

If you have already had a family law case in Cobb County and are now trying to modify your divorce, child support, or child custody order, then your case will be reassigned to the same judge (assuming they are still presiding).

Because Cobb County has ten Superior Court Judges hearing divorce, child custody, and child support cases, it doesn’t take long to get a temporary hearing in front of a judge if you need relief. When you request a temporary hearing, you can often be heard within 60 days. Two exceptions are:

  1. if your case will take longer than five hours
  2. if it will require a special setting

In these cases, it depends on each judge’s calendar for how long you will have to wait to be heard. A final hearing that will last longer than a full day can take several months to get scheduled. When scheduling a shorter final hearing, you can often be heard within 60 days of your request.

Cobb County Superior Court is unique in that it has five senior judges that assist the ten Superior Court Judges. The senior judges are often available for emergency hearings that need to be expedited. Remember to consult with an experienced Cobb County divorce attorney when determining what qualifies as an emergency and how to get expedited relief in Cobb County.

Each judge’s office has its own staff. If you need help figuring out what a particular judge may require when scheduling a hearing, contact that judge’s administrative assistant or staff attorney. Cobb County Superior Court also requires mediation before cases can proceed to a final hearing, and the Cobb County Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution handles mediation scheduling. You should consult with an experienced Cobb County divorce attorney when preparing for mediation to give yourself the best chance of settling your case in a favorable way.


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