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The Marietta family law attorneys at the law firm of Bivek Brubaker & Prescott LLC, have years of experience handling a wide range of family legal matters. Every client is important to us. When you are dealing with a divorce, issues involving your children, adoption, or other matters, you deserve a lawyer who will provide you with personalized attention and legal services tailored to fit your unique needs.

Other firms may spread themselves thin by providing a wide variety of legal services. But at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, we specialize exclusively in family law. It’s our focus, and our clients leave us stellar reviews. You’ll also never find yourself working with an associate or more junior attorney while navigating the complexities of family law. Every case at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott gets a partner’s attention without the sky-high rates you might see with another Marietta family law attorney.

When you’re facing a family legal dispute, you need compassionate legal representation to help you protect your interests and those of your family. Contact a family law attorney in Marietta, Ga., online, or call us toll free at 866-527-2630 to schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation.

Dedicated Representation in all Areas of Family Law

At Bivek Brubaker & Prescott LLC, our attorneys serve clients throughout the Atlanta metro area in all family legal matters, including:

Divorce: Most divorces involve complex financial decisions related to property, investments, retirement accounts and pensions. We handle all types of divorce cases, including contested, uncontested and high-net-worth divorces.

Military divorce: A divorce involving members of the armed services raises many unique issues, particularly in matters involving child custody and the division of military benefits. We have extensive experience handling these complex cases, and a special appreciation for the brave men and women who serve our country.

Divorce for baby boomers: As baby boomers age, they may find their marriage is no longer fulfilling and wish to divorce in what’s sometimes called a “gray divorce.” However, with adult children, retirement on the horizon or already underway, health care concerns, and other unique issues specific to baby boomers, they have a different set of concerns than younger couples. We can help baby boomers work through this transitional time, resolving the problems that may arise when it comes to dividing pensions and other forms of property.

Child support: Issues surrounding child support can be complex. You must consider factors such as parental income, health care needs, extracurricular activity costs, and childcare expenses. Whether you’re seeking support or have been ordered to make support payments, we’ll represent your interests with tenacity. Deviations for long distance travel or shared custody plans can be difficult to get without the help of an attorney.

Child custody: Custody matters can become emotionally contentious quickly. We’ll help you resolve any custody disputes in a way that serves both you and your child’s best interests. We custom tailor each of our parenting plans to fit the needs of the parents we represent taking into account work schedules, children’s needs, and the unique circumstances that each parent we meet may have.

Custody and guardian ad litems: There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the role a guardian ad litem plays in resolving custody matters, but ideally, he or she serves as an impartial advocate for your child’s best interests. We’ll explain the purpose of a guardian ad litem and how one can help you with your dispute. As trained Guardian Ad Litems ourselves, we can give you an insider’s edge in preparing for interviews, home visits, and help you make the best possible impression on the Guardian Ad Litem.

International child custody: When a parent wishes to move out of the country with a child, a number of unique laws come into play. We can help guide you through this complex area, whether you need to develop an international parenting plan, create a modification to an existing custody arrangement or, in more serious cases, navigate international law as governed by the Hague Convention.

Legitimation and paternity: Paternity determinations can help clear up unresolved issues surrounding child support. They are filed by mothers of a child born out of wedlock. We understand the complexities of pursuing a legitimation petition, which are filed by fathers who are seeking custody rights of children born out of wedlock In either situation we can help you reach a resolution that protects your interests, whether you’re a father seeking custody or a mother seeking child support.

Same-sex couples: Because same-sex marriage has been legal in all 50 states for several years, same-sex couples also need access to compassionate legal representation in all family law matters including divorce, child custody and adoption. We have experience in all these areas and can help represent your interests and navigate any biases you come across in the court system.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: These important enforceable contracts ensure your assets are protected in the event your marriage ends in divorce. We understand how to create airtight, fair,  and expertly crafted enforceable agreements that protect our clients and their desires.  

Collaborative law: This alternative to traditional litigation takes a team approach to divorce and employs a financial neutral, child specialist, and mental health professional.  These professionals help the attorneys create financial settlement agreements and parenting plans.  This approach is typically less expensive and less emotionally contentious than traditional divorce, as the clients are in the driver’s seat without the fear of litigation.  Both parties must agree to avoid litigation in order for the process to succeed.  

Adoption: Adoption is a complicated, document intensive process.  It requires an experienced hand to navigate the procedural complexities and ensure the adoption is finalized without delay, and a new parent-child relationship is cemented.  We work with clients to protect children (in contested adoptions) and grow families through grandparent adoption, stepparent adoption, non-relative, and same-sex couple adoption. We have extensive experience in the most complex adoptions and had our adoptions upheld all the way through the Court of Appeals.

Contempt: If your ex-spouse isn’t complying with the court-ordered terms of your divorce agreement or other Court Order, whether that means failing to pay child support or not dividing property, we can help you file a contempt action. While we often prefer to pursue amicable solutions, we are ready and willing to fight for our clients’ rights, and pursue attorney’s fees when they are warranted.

Domestic violence: Victims of domestic violence need strong legal advocates to both protect them from unsafe situations and help create a new future. We have experience pursuing temporary protective orders in the midst of divorce and child custody disputes.

Modification actions: Life is always changing, but when it changes in a significant way, it may be necessary to make modifications to child support and custody agreements. We can help guide you through this process.

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If you need assistance with a divorce, a military divorce, an adoption, a child custody issue or any other family legal matter, we can help. Contact a family law attorney in Marietta, Ga., online, or call us toll free at 866-527-2630 to schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation.

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