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Relocating with Children After a Georgia Divorce

In today’s fast-paced society, people move or relocate all the time for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’ve accepted a job in a new city, or perhaps you want to move closer to family. For most people, these moves may be stressful, but they aren’t a hassle beyond the physical labor of moving.

For divorced or separated parents in Georgia, relocating with children comes with a whole new set of considerations. Your decision to move may conflict with child custody or visitation, and in some scenarios, the court may stop you from moving at all.

Relocation: Items for Divorced or Separated Parents to Consider

All states have slightly different laws when it comes to relocating with children after a divorce or a separation. Georgia’s Relocation Statute dictates that:

Whether or not you are the custodial parent, you must have court approval before you relocate the child if there are any restrictions in the divorce papers or the state laws. Parents who relocate their children without following the proper steps can be held in contempt of court.

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