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Property Division

In addition to the emotional challenges of divorce, couples must also determine how to divide their marital property and debts. In the state of Georgia, couples facing a divorce must adhere to the principles of equitable division, which means that the property must be divided fairly, but not necessarily equally.

Georgia Divorces: Dividing Marital Property Fairly

The family law attorneys at the law firm of Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, LLC can help you and your spouse determine the best way to divide marital property, including debts that may have been accrued over the course of the marriage. Property that is not subject to division during a divorce often includes:

Anything outside of this purview, including items purchased together during the marriage, are open to fair (but not necessarily equal) property division. Georgia courts will take the following factors into account when deciding how marital property should be divided:

In cases where both spouses have financially contributed to a particular asset, Georgia divorce law follows something called the “source of funds” rule. This means that, in the case of divorce, the property is divided proportionally to the amount that each spouse contributed during the marriage. As you can imagine, these types of cases can be incredibly complex, and often require the legal guidance of an experienced divorce attorney.

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The family law attorneys of the law firm of Bivek Brubaker & Prescott, LLC understand that the emotional struggle that comes with divorce can cloud the judgment, making it difficult to make the right choices for your future. Our experienced divorce lawyers can walk you through your property division options, and ensure that you lay a strong foundation for a new chapter in your life.

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