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Divorce Parenting Seminar 

If your divorce case involves minor children, Georgia requires both parents are to take a Divorce Parenting Seminar class. Each county is responsible for creating its own version of the Divorce Parenting Seminar. Parents can complete the seminar during the divorce process by attending in person at the county their case resides in. The guideline given by the Georgia Civil Code to the counties for the divorce seminar is supposed to help teach the parents how children are affected by divorce. 

Requirements by County 

Cobb County: 

Fulton County:

Cherokee County: 

Bartow County:

The content for the seminar is to help teach the parents how children are affected by divorce. All parenting seminars are four hours long.  It is important to have a form of identification with you when you attend. If you have already received a case file number be sure to have it on hand as well. Parenting Seminars are an important part of the divorce process as they help the parents and children transition into life post-divorce. If you are ready to speak with an attorney about your divorce case, give us a call tool-free 866-527-2630 and set up a consultation with one of our experienced Family Law attorneys.


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