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How to Get a Temporary Protective Order in Georgia

A temporary protective order (TPO) in Georgia gives you protection from domestic violence situations, including an abusive spouse or partner. Temporary protective orders can offer help in various forms of relief, such as:

  1. Order your abusive partner to move out of your home and leave you and your children alone
  2. Gain possession of your shared home and force your abusive partner to keep a distance away from it
  3. Get temporary custody of your children and receive child support payments
  4. Order your abusive partner to seek counseling and obtain treatment
  5. Order your abusive partner to keep a distance away from you and to stop communicating with you via email, text, phone, etc.
  6. Order your abusive partner to make support payments
  7. Order your abusive partner to return personal property they took from you

To get a temporary protective order in Georgia, you cannot be a minor. You must also prove—with specific facts and evidence—that family violence has occurred in the past and may occur in the future.

Usually, a TPO is initially granted on an ex-parte basis. This means the victim speaks to the judge alone and describes what happened. The judge then decides whether to grant the initial TPO. They will also schedule a hearing within 30 days for the other side to come to court and tell their side of the story. The judge then decides whether to extend the TPO for up to 12 months.


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