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Living a Post-Divorce Life

By Melanie Brubaker

Your divorce is final and you are now living a post-divorce life. You will still be dealing with some strong emotions but the legal end of the divorce is complete.

What Should I Expect?

As you move into your single life, you may be faced with acts by your ex that cause you distress. Maybe it is your previous marital home, with you having to adjust to the reality that your ex now owns the home independent of you. This means your ex will be deciding on a new color of exterior paint, buying the new kitchen cabinets that you always wanted, etc. Yes, these changes are no longer under your control, and how you handle this new reality can be difficult. But you will move on!

Think about the wife that grew prize-winning roses and had lovingly planted her yard with many, many rose shrubs. Her soon to be ex would only agree for her to have 10 of her rose shrubs from the yard as he claimed that removal of any more than 10 shrubs would devalue the curb appeal of the home. After their divorce and the removal of the 10 shrubs, the ex-husband dug up and disposed of the rest of the rose shrubs. YES! This mean-spirited act caused distress and anger, especially since the wife had no control of the situation.

Things Will Get Better

This article only touches on a few of the emotions you will encounter as you navigate your new life. Some of the issues you encounter may require help from us, your divorce attorneys, but other issues are just going to piss you off – like the rose bushes. Even though your divorce is final, we are still here for you and offer our services to you for legal help on post-divorce issues.

Qualified Divorce Attorneys

As always, if you have divorce (or post-divorce) questions or are looking for a qualified divorce attorney, do not hesitate to call us. We have years of experience dealing with all types of divorce cases and experience, and we and would be happy to speak with you!

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