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Military Divorce

Divorce cases involving military families are different from civilian divorce cases.

Legal Separation

Separation allows spouses to live separately and addresses the division of property and debt.

Gray Divorce

Baby Boomers can make a new transition in life even after a divorce.


Different from divorce, your marriage never existed after an annulment.


We help couples resolve divorce issues through an amicable and cooperative approach.

Divorce Attorneys in Marietta, GA

Unfortunately, divorce can be complicated. People going through or considering a divorce often have questions about child support, alimony, and a variety of financial situations. Whether or not a divorce is uncontested, they always involve major financial decisions about investments, retirement accounts, pensions, and property. There can be negative consequences, both personal and financial, if a divorce isn’t handled appropriately right from the beginning when the papers are filed. To make sure your case is handled the right way and with care, work with a Marietta divorce attorney at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott.

The divorce lawyers in Marietta, Ga at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott LLC are here to help you if you have decided to file for divorce or if you are still thinking about whether to divorce your spouse.

Bivek Brubaker & Prescott LLC is located in Marietta, Georgia. We offer divorce solutions that are effective and forward-thinking to our clients throughout the Atlanta metro area. It is critical that you enlist the assistance of a family law attorney. They can help you with the divorce process so that your interests and those of your children are protected.

Get help with your Georgia divorce. Most cases have a lot of decisions that need to be resolved, and even uncontested divorces can be overwhelming without an experienced family law attorney. Contact a Marietta divorce attorney at Bivek Brubaker & Prescott LLC at 866-527-2630 or online.


  • Work-Related Childcare Expenses
    What is included in Work-Related Childcare Work-Related childcare expenses are the other mandatory deviation that will be added to your Child Support Worksheet. In some cases, the deviation can include more than just childcare expenses related to …
  • Gathering Information 
    When do I need to start gathering information? Before your case even begins it is important to go ahead and start collecting information. Financial information will be a topic of discussion in your consultation and it would be helpful to your …
  • Uncontested v. Contested Divorce 
    Uncontested Divorce Uncontested Divorces mean that before a case is started the parties have agreed on major aspects of the marital asset division. Those topics of agreement are the marital home, bank and savings accounts, debts, and split of other …
  • Should I bring anything to my consultation?
    A very common question that we get asked when setting up a consultation is “What should I bring?” There are many answers to this question depending on what your situation looks like. However, whether your case is a Divorce, Legitimation, Adoption, …
  • Settlement Agreements
    What is a Settlement Agreement? The Settlement Agreement will be a lengthy pleading outlining all the details of the divorce settlement. The issues such as alimony, marital assets, child support, taxes, and the parenting plan will all be addressed. …

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