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Social Media & Divorce

As your Marietta divorce experts, our #1 tip for our clients is this: DO NOT discuss your pending divorce on social media. Never. Ever.

Leave social media to your craft projects, cat videos, and what you ate for breakfast. Whatever you do, DO NOT discuss your divorce on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

What about divorce questions on social media from friends or family?

If you get questions from friends or family about your pending divorce, handle them face-to-face. Don’t discuss it on Facebook or any other social media site – even if you think the message or post is private.

As for how much to tell your friends or family about your divorce, less is best. Every once in a while, spouses end up reconciling. You want to avoid saying anything that could negatively impact future relationships between you and your spouse, or between either of you and your friends and family.

If I can’t vent on social media, what should I do?

Yes, going through a divorce is emotional. And yes, it’s healthy to talk about your thoughts and feelings. However, we recommend that you work through these very personal issues with your therapist and/or religious leader. Friends and families usually take sides, and it’s best for your children if the families remain as neutral as possible. The less they know, the easier it will be for them to be neutral.

Even if the divorce is final, think about how the person you’re confiding in will process the information you share. Will they try to use these details against you, your ex-spouse, or even your children?

What should my relationship status be?

Facebook and other social platforms allow you to indicate your relationship status –single, in a relationship, married, separated, divorced, it’s complicated, etc. Leave this optional field blank if you haven’t already made a selection. If your profile already shows that you’re married, keep your status as-is until you are legally divorced.

Can social media posts be used as evidence in divorce proceedings?

Yes, your spouse can use any posts or other activity you make on Facebook or other social media platforms as evidence against you. The same goes for any emails you send. Of course, it also works the other way around – you can use your spouse’s posts against them as social media divorce evidence. This is one reason we recommend keeping your private life to yourself or handling certain conversations face-to-face.

What else should I do regarding social media while going through a divorce?

Check your settings on each of your social media accounts, and change your passwords in case your spouse knows them. Adjust your privacy and security settings so that only your friends and family can read your posts. This advice is especially true if you post information and/or photographs of your children.

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