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Divorce Parenting Seminar 

If your divorce case involves minor children, Georgia requires both parents are to take a Divorce Parenting Seminar class. Each county is responsible for creating its own version of the Divorce Parenting Seminar. Parents can complete the seminar during... Read More

Division of Real Property

In most divorces, the marital residence is the largest asset between the parties. The first issue that must be addressed is whether the marital residence should be sold or if one of the parties will retain the property. The... Read More

Discovery Overview

Discovery will be an important part of your family law case. Discovery is a process that allows each party to request information, records, and evidence related to their case. In the State of Georgia, family law cases follow the... Read More


What are Depositions? Depositions allow the attorney to question the opposing party in person outside of a courtroom. Normally, Depositions will take place in an attorney’s office with both parties present along with a court reporter. To take a... Read More

Debt and Divorce

 Along with marital assets, the marital debt between the parties will have to be divided as well. Any debt incurred during the marriage is considered marital debt. There are two types of marital debt. The first is the joint... Read More

Common Divorce Mistakes

#1 Not creating a Post-Divorce Budget After your divorce is finalized, make sure to have a post-divorce budget in place. It is likely that you will not be able to live at the level you were during your marriage.... Read More


A good co-parenting relationship is not only important after the divorce but also during the divorce process.  However, it takes time and effort to establish a good co-parenting relationship. One way to learn how to properly co-parent is through... Read More

Child Support Obligations and COVID-19

Have you recently lost your job? Have you taken a wage reduction? Has your bonus been frozen? If you have existing child support obligations and you have experienced a change in your financial circumstances due to COVID-19 you should... Read More

Child Support Deviations

Child Support Deviations While incomes will both be used to help determine child support for each parent, deviations will play a part as well. Child Support Deviations will be a part of the process when calculating the child support... Read More

Cars and Divorce

Cars tend to be a much simpler marital asset to split in the divorce process. Typically, in a divorce, the spouse keeps the car that he or she primarily drives. For example, a couple has two cars and the... Read More

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